JP, the creator/writer/producer/actor/editor/promoter/special fx engineer/cinematographer/background artist/gaffer/prop manager/assistant to JP/best boy and fan of Egotastic FunTime, is a regular guy who is also incredibly amazing at being humble.

He was born and raised in Southern California where he discovered his love of entertainment. At first, absorbing it. Then creating it. JP fell in love with tv at the age of 5 when he was introduced to a new phenomenon known as Cable Television. The Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, MTV, HBO (free preview) and The Scrambled Channel took JP's imagination by storm. He knew he wanted to be part of it. 

He knew that if he worked hard enough, he could accomplish his dream of someway...somehow being part of television. Entertaining others. Paying it forward. 

But he didn't work hard. So that pipe dream never came to fruition. I forgot to mention JP is also a lazy idiot. 

Somehow, whilst always maintaining an undercurrent of laziness and general malaise, JP was still able to fulfill his passion to entertain by performing on the world stage...Theatre (community college level). Here, he learned how to express himself and trust in his instincts (of which he had none).

He would later become part of The Second City Los Angeles (paid courses) where he learned how to be funny by not always trying to be funny. This endeavor led JP in the direction of screen acting. Following his dream of becoming a professional amateur audition artist, JP was cast in commercials, television and movies in Hollywood. But since none of them paid well and the price of rent in Los Angeles is too damn high, JP eventually moved to Oklahoma in an attempt to live with a roof over his head. It worked. He's bored out of his mind...but it worked. A roof, in fact, resides above his head. And it was JP's insufferable boredom and wifi connected roof that led him to conceive and eventually create Egotastic FunTime! 


Hey, gang. Enough with the 3rd person facade. If you didn't realize it, I wrote the previous "about me" segment. Sorry if I'm breaking the 4th wall a bit by taking over in the first person. 

Egotastic FunTime is my creation. It's how I express myself. It doesn't have any rhyme or reason. My entire life I've always been mentally overwhelmed with an unforgiving stream of imagery, fragmented ideas, buffoonery, gibberish and "what ifs" and a constant sense of failure because I always keep these mental booklets of wackiness bottled up in my head. Never getting out. Never being created for others to experience. Never properly being explained to others because I'm just not good at telling. I've always been the type of person who is better at showing. After thirty-something years of resisting personal progress (because sitting on the couch is so comfortable, you guys) two years ago I decided to create. To share with people my idiocy. Thus Egotastic FunTime was born. Well eventually... I did have to try some other experiments first. It started with Popstalgia, which was basically me trying to figure out how to upload videos to YouTube. Then I took on the persona of A Grown Ass Man, which was also an attempt to figure out how to upload videos to YouTube. But with AGAM, a format was starting to take hold...

I knew A Grown Ass Man was not quite the right show for me yet. I wanted something better. Something more defined. I wanted the screen version of myself to be not only likable, but also a bit Egotistical. A dummy who appreciates himself probably more than he should. I wanted the show to be Fun. I wanted it to come off as visually weird and crazy kind of like a Japanese Game Show. I also wanted the show to be Fantastic. I put all of those ideas together and in a split second came up with...EGOTASTIC FUNTIME! 

It's been two years of trying to figure out what EFT means to me. What I want it to be. I've made over 200 videos under it's title. Still haven't quite figured it out yet. But I'm getting close. I can feel it. I've never wanted to understand something as much as I want to understand what Egotastic FunTime is. I'm almost there. If you come with me on this journey, we can find out together.  


Thanks to the love and support from people like you, Egotastic FunTime will one day grow into an unstoppable force of creativity and fun. It's currently a one man show but can eventually be a many-headed beast of awesomeness that welcomes all who wish to express their passion through the act of creation.

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Your support will help ensure that all our times will be Egotastic FunTimes!


Thanks, gang.