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Wonder Woman '84 Title Of Sequel?

Is Wonder Woman '84 The Title Of The WW Sequel?

Wonder Woman 2 is set to start filming soon but no official title for the sequel has been announced yet. I don't know about you guys, but just calling it Wonder Woman 2 sounds a bit boring. Princess Diana of Themyscira has basically been the best thing about the latest crop of DC movies coming to the silver screen for the last few years now. Gal Gadot as Diana has been a huge bright spot for DC too. She's great. I think Wonder Woman deserves better than just slapping a number 2 after her name. 

DC's chief creative officer Geoff Johns recently changed his Twitter header to a new logo that suggests that the next chapter of Wonder Woman's cinematic story may actually be called Wonder Woman '84. Take a look. 

With many movies and tv shows now starting to lean hard into the Eighties Vibe a bit as of late, i.e. Guardians Of The Galaxy, Thor: Ragnarok, IT, The Stupid Bumblebee Movie, Stranger Things, etc., it would make sense that DC would try to capitalize on a market that has become horny for totally tubular 80s nostalgia. 


Wonder Woman is more closely associated with the 1940s, that's when her character was originally introduced. It's also the time frame the first Wonder Woman movie was set in. Then, she again made a huge comeback in the 1970s with the Wonder Woman tv show starring Lynda Carter. 

But Wonder Woman was popular in the 80s as well when George Perez rebooted the character which turned out to be a huge influence on the last WW film. 

The upcoming Wonder Woman sequel will feature Kristin Wiig playing the main villain of the film, Cheetah, also another creation from the 1980s era of Wonder Woman. 


In the 1984 comics, Wonder Woman was an agent for the United Nations Crisis Bureau so it's possible that the stories from that era could be a huge inspiration for the new movie. 


So, I'd expect to see a Cold War crisis going on in the new film. Perhaps something taking place at the 1984 Olympics held in Los Angeles... 

Having Wonder Woman playing a fish out of water, fighting commies in the streets of 1984 Los Angeles sounds exactly like my cup of tea earl grey hot, you guys. This also gives DC the opportunity to come out with a movie that can sell a soundtrack and change it's imagery to the Neon Lights motif that has taken over the Blockbuster Movie World recently. 


Not to mention all the pop references that can be laced throughout the movie. 1984 gave us Ghostbusters, The Terminator, Purple Rain, Airwolf, Voltron and Who's the Boss starring the only other woman I'd allow to play Wonder Woman... Alyssa Milano. It's ripe for pop culture addicts to get their fill.

How about you? What do you think the WW84 means for the new Wonder Woman film? What might we expect to see in a Wonder Woman movie that takes place in the 1980s? You can let me know what you think by joining the conversation below. 

As always, I hope all your times are Egotastic FunTimes. Love you. Bye bye.