The Orville Season 2


Fox has officially revealed the season two premiere date of Seth MacFarlane’s The Orville.

Hey, gang! Today we're gonna have a great time talking about the confirmed return date for The Orville Season 2 Premiere! SUPPORT MY ALCOHOLISM ON PATREON.


The second season of MacFarlane’s comedic Star Trek homage will see a midseason return as stupid Thursday Night Football takes over The Orville’s former time slot in the fall.


The Orville will return on Sunday, December 30th following a Sunday Night Football double-header. The series will then resume in its Thursday home following the conclusion of the NFL season.

We've yet to know whether the new season's second episode will air on the following Sunday after the NFL Sportsball Playoffs, January 6th, or if it'll instantly be rocketed to Thursday the 10th to fill it's rightful place as the King of Thursdays. 


The Orville Season Two is currently in production. The series is adding Jessica Szohr (Talla) as a new series regular and Chris Johnson (Cassius) in a recurring role in its second season. A veteran Star Trek writer was also brought on board as an additional executive producer, and Robert Picardo is confirmed to return as a guest star in episode 2. 


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Jessica Szohr On Set Of The Orville As New Security Chief?

I hate to say I was right... but I was totally right!!!

Hey, gang. I've just received some behind the scenes shots of yesterday's film shoot of The Orville at California State University Northridge and it doesn't look too good for Alara Kitan...

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 9.54.21 AM.png

Special thanks to Talking The Orville superfan Kevin Siess who turned me onto pics posted by GETOTTERHERE on 

The Orville, which is returning for it's second season this fall, was filming at CSUN yesterday and I have numerous pictures of the cast and crew to share. The chief security officer is not being played by Halston Sage. 

Here you can see Ed, Kelly, Bortus and Claire have taken a shuttle to what looks like it might be Union Point. But the female security officer standing with the away team is definitely NOT Alara Kitan played by Halston Sage. 

jessica szohr the orville.jpg

In a previous episode of Talking The Orville I spoke about a rumor that Alara's character was being written off the show and replaced. 



Ever since Jessica Szohr was cast as a, yet unknown, member of the crew, I've speculated that she is the one who will be replacing Halston Sage as chief of security. It looks like my suspicions might be true, you guys. 

This is not, I repeat NOT Alara Kitan! It's hard to tell if she is in fact Jessica Szohr but who else could it be? It's gotta be Jessica, right?

This is not, I repeat NOT Alara Kitan! It's hard to tell if she is in fact Jessica Szohr but who else could it be? It's gotta be Jessica, right?

Here are all the pics I've been able to uncover so far. Take and gander and keep me apprised of anything I might have missed. 

The Orville Crew Wall Tapestry

The Orville Crew Wall Tapestry

What's going on in this scene?

From the looks of it, the crew of The Orville have returned to Earth and are possibly meeting up with someone at Union Point for some reason. They are met by film crews and reporters no doubt wanting information on their adventures in the alpha quadrant. 


Yes, to me it looks like all the people you see in the background are extras. There's even a Planetary Union guard on site to keep people in line. They don't seem like they're from the 25th century but they're all dressed way too similarly not to be extras. 

Also, I'm really intrigued by who the mystery actor with the white head of hair is that Ed is extremely happy to be talking to...

My first thought is that it's someone who is very important at Union Point. This being a perfect opportunity to cast a big Trek Alumni for the role. 

When I initially saw this mystery man, the image of only one person came to mind. Brent Spiner. It kind of looks like him. What do you guys think? 

Brent Spiner

Brent Spiner

But it could also very likely be Brian George who played Dr. Aronov in the season 1 pilot. 


We also get some nice shots of the new paint jobs on the shuttles. No flames or unicorns painted on the sides but still pretty cool. 

Ok. That's it. That's all I wanted to talk about today and I talked about it. It looks like Alara is at least temporarily being replaced by Jessica Szohr as chief of security in season 2 of The Orville. For a more in depth look into my theory about Alara's departure check out this episode of Talking The Orville. 


Rest assured I'll be getting straight to work on getting a new episode uploaded ASAP all about these new details about Jessica Szohr's new role. 

I'll see you very soon and as always, I hope all your times are Egotastic FunTimes... Love you. Bye bye!


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Hey, gang. Welcome back to Talking The Orville on Egotastic FunTime.

Today we’re gonna have a great time talking about one of the biggest questions I hear the most about The Orville… Does Star Trek exist in The Orville universe?

And the answer to that question is unequivocally, Yes. It does exist. Here's why...

STAR WARS EXISTS. In the episode, Command Performance, Alara reaches out to Dr. Finn for advice. Dr. Finn says, "I can't tell you what to do but I can be your Obi Wan". 

A universe where Star Wars exists and Star Trek doesn't is a bastard universe that nobody would ever want to live in.

I could only imagine a universe without Star Trek looking a lot like this...



STAR TREK & SEINFELD. In the episode Pria, the story begins with the crew of The Orville watching an episode of Seinfeld. So Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer exist in this world. Ok? Then I remembered an episode of Seinfeld when George and Jerry were discussing The Wrath Of Khan.

If Star Trek exists in Seinfeld and Seinfeld exists in The Orville then Star Trek also exists because reasons!

DOCTOR WHO'S TARDIS. In the episode New Dimensions, when the crew is trying to figure out a way to travel through 2 Dimensional space without being crushed, Captain Mercer mentions Doctor Who's Tardis. 



Since Doctor Who's revival in 2005, there have been many references to Star Trek in the show. Most notably, this scene when we're first introduced to The Silence. 

Also, there was an official Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover released in comic book form called Assimilation2 (Squared). This was approved by both The BBC and CBS. 


Another reason I know that Star Trek exists in The Orville universe is because of Kermit The Frog. Kermit sits right on Ed's desk and is beloved by the captain. 

If Kermit The Frog exists, that means The Muppets exist, which means that Miss Piggy exists and Miss Piggy was in Pigs In Space which is a direct parody of Star Trek The Original Series. Therefore Star Trek exists in The Orville Universe. 

And on that note...


Ok. That's it. That's all I wanted to talk about today and I talked about it. How about you? Can you think of more examples that prove Star Trek exists in The Orville Universe? You can let me know by joining the conversation below. 

I’ll see you soon and as always, I hope all your times are egotastic funtimes. Love you. Bye bye.

The Orville: Character Name Partially Revealed?


Well, gang. Thanks to The Interwebs, we're able to partially see Jessica Szohr's character name exposed in a behind-the-scenes still. This was taken during a table read for season 2 of The Orville and though partially obscured, we can clearly make out what Szohr's character's last name is... AND IT'S NOT KITAN!


We can clearly see the last name on her name placard is probably Keyali. This is an actual name found around the world dating back hundreds of years. 

But it's possible her last name could be Kexali, Kevali, Kevalt, Kevaly, etc... 

We can also see that the last two letters of her first name will end with "___LA"

There's no telling what her first name is. I'd like to say LAYLA but since there's a 99% chance her character is an alien, I'm guessing it'll be some made up word like LUXQRLA or something like that. 

There's still no word on whether or not Jessica will be replacing Alara Kitan as chief of security as of yet being that Halston Sage leaving the show is JUST A RUMOR so far. 


Szohr was cast as a permanent member of The Orville crew back in February but all details of her character have been tightly kept under wraps by Seth MacFarlane and anyone else involved with the show. 

However, thanks to an Instagram Story video, we can see Szohr getting the full green goo lifecast treatment, so the makeup artists can create a custom fit ...

The Orville Crew Tee by Egotastic FunTime!

The Orville Crew Tee by Egotastic FunTime!

The Orville is expected to return to Fox in the fall of this year and is expected to keep it's Thursday time slot as well. 

As new details emerge about anything having to do with The Orville, you know I'll be here to talk about it and let you guys know. 

What do you guys think Jessica Szohr's character's name is? You can let me know by joining the conversation below. 

I'll see you next time and as always... I hope all you times are Egotastic FunTime. LOVE YOU BYE  BYE!


Who Is This Legend coming to The Orville?

"I'ma find out if I can let the cat out of the bar[bag], but there's a legend under this makeup joining #TheOrville" 

In a recent behind-the-scenes photo shared on instagram by J Lee, who plays Chief John LaMarr on The Orville, we see a new alien species will be making an appearance in season 2. 

J Lee states that "there's a legend under this makeup..."! But who could it be?

Legend could refer to a famous actor from Star Trek or perhaps someone from the CW abomination known as DC's Legends Of Tomorrow. I really hope that's not it because that show sucks donkey bananas. 


Some are already theorizing, based on the shape of the eye, that the legend underneath all that makeup is none other than Captain Picard himself... Sir Patrick Stewart. He's already been a lobster. Why not this guy?


I have to admit, I'm starting to see SirPatStew underneath that lizardy rhino skin as well. But really, the shape of an eye with extremely hardcore movie magic all over it isn't much to go on.

By doing extensive research on Google for 20 seconds, I discovered that SirPatStew is actually an inch taller than J Lee in real life. So I was skeptical because the alien in the picture looks shorter than Mr. Lee. But then I realized that there's this thing called context and that the person wearing all that makeup could very well be sitting on a high stool or leaning on a bar or something. Whaaaaaaaaaat!?!


Hell, I wouldn't doubt it if John Legend was under there waiting to bust out a tune in The Orville's second season. A Lizard Rhino playing a song is something Seth MacFarlane would totally be into, you guys. 


Doing my best "what's in the box!" impression... WHO THE HELL IS UNDER THE MAKEUP!?!?!?!

Are you #TeamSirPatStew or #TeamJohnLegend? 

You can let me know what you think by joining the conversation below... #LoveYouByeBye 

FYI. John Legend is a 1/2 inch shorter than J Lee in real life... Google it, bitches. 

FYI. John Legend is a 1/2 inch shorter than J Lee in real life... Google it, bitches.