Is God Of War On Netflix With Jason Momoa For Real?

On April 20th, PlayStation 4 released a new edition of their omazeballs hit game, “God of War.” This latest installment brings players into the berserk brutality of Norse lore. The latest edition of “God of War” is the fastest selling installment in the series and has been met with acclaim and attention from the Hollywood Gods that be.

At this point, many of you might have already seen the God Of War poster circulating on the interwebs showing Jason Momoa as Kratos with "all episodes" being available on July 15th. But is it real or just Google Machine Treachery? 


But is there going to be an adaptation of God Of War coming to Netflix for realsies? What in the hell does Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa have to do with all of this?


Is God of War On Netflix?

Yes, God of War is on Netflix, but it's definitely not going to be the God of War you’re hoping for. The God of War flick you’ll find on Netflix is a 2017 Chinese action movie about a group of warriors taking on Japanese pirates during the Ming Dynasty starring Wenzhou Zhao, Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, and Regina Wan.

It has nothing to do with the video game “God of War,” but it does have the type of violence in it that any fan of the game franchise would enjoy. People mostly think the series sucks donkey balls, but you might like it. Do you like donkey balls? Is sucking on donkey balls a thing you enjoy? I wouldn't want to stop you from enjoying things so suck away my donkey balls loving friend. Suck away. 

Is There Gonna Be A Film Adaptation of the VIDEO GAME “God of War?”

I don't know. There have been multiple attempts to make a “God of War” movie over the past decade. Road to Perdition writer David Self completed a script in 2005 and Universal wanted Daniel Craig to play Kratos. We all love Danny Craig but I really don't ever want to see him star in a God Of War film. Craig reportedly turned the screenplay down and that film fell apart. A few years ago, the team behind Pacific Rim wrote a script for God Of War, but it has yet to go anywhere. 

What Does Jason Momoa Have To Do With All Of This?

Last year, Game of Thrones and Justice League star Jason Momoa let it slip that he was not only a big fan of the God Of War franchise, but that he would love to play Kratos and THE INTERNET WENT NUTS! Just kidding. They didn't go nuts. FYI, anytime you read a headline about the internet going nuts, just skip it. It's clickbait and it's stupid and I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!

Is there any proof that a film is in production with Jason Momoa’s name attached to it? No.

Does everyone who isn't a garbage person want to see Momoa take up the role of Kratos in a potential God of War film? You can let me know by joining the conversation below. But if you disagree with me, you're basically saying you're a garbage person. ;) 

I'll see you soon and as always, I hope all your times are Egotastic FunTimes.

Love you. Bye bye.