Who Is This Legend coming to The Orville?

"I'ma find out if I can let the cat out of the bar[bag], but there's a legend under this makeup joining #TheOrville" 

In a recent behind-the-scenes photo shared on instagram by J Lee, who plays Chief John LaMarr on The Orville, we see a new alien species will be making an appearance in season 2. 

J Lee states that "there's a legend under this makeup..."! But who could it be?

Legend could refer to a famous actor from Star Trek or perhaps someone from the CW abomination known as DC's Legends Of Tomorrow. I really hope that's not it because that show sucks donkey bananas. 


Some are already theorizing, based on the shape of the eye, that the legend underneath all that makeup is none other than Captain Picard himself... Sir Patrick Stewart. He's already been a lobster. Why not this guy?


I have to admit, I'm starting to see SirPatStew underneath that lizardy rhino skin as well. But really, the shape of an eye with extremely hardcore movie magic all over it isn't much to go on.

By doing extensive research on Google for 20 seconds, I discovered that SirPatStew is actually an inch taller than J Lee in real life. So I was skeptical because the alien in the picture looks shorter than Mr. Lee. But then I realized that there's this thing called context and that the person wearing all that makeup could very well be sitting on a high stool or leaning on a bar or something. Whaaaaaaaaaat!?!


Hell, I wouldn't doubt it if John Legend was under there waiting to bust out a tune in The Orville's second season. A Lizard Rhino playing a song is something Seth MacFarlane would totally be into, you guys. 


Doing my best "what's in the box!" impression... WHO THE HELL IS UNDER THE MAKEUP!?!?!?!

Are you #TeamSirPatStew or #TeamJohnLegend? 

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FYI. John Legend is a 1/2 inch shorter than J Lee in real life... Google it, bitches. 

FYI. John Legend is a 1/2 inch shorter than J Lee in real life... Google it, bitches.