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IKEA Shows How To Make Jon Snow's Cape From A Rug


Unless it's already been leaked... I'm looking at you HBO, it can sometimes be painful waiting an entire week for the next Game Of Thrones episode.

But there's no need to freeze your buns off while you wait for winter to come.

Recently, the lead wardrobe designer for GOT, Michele Clapton, let Jon Snow's cat out of the bag when she revealed his iconic, furry cape is actually an IKEA rug.

"It's a bit of a trick, We take anything we can." said Clapton at some stupid event in Los Angeles that none of us were invited to.

Now, thanks to IKEA, you can now make this awesome rug cape at home and wear it at your next GOT Pimps & Hoes Party.

The price of this northerner's rug can be purchased online for $79 and lucky for you, the instructions to make the cape are provided below. Thanks, IKEA!

Of course, the costume team does a few more things to this rug before it's officially good enough to rest on Mr. Snow's shoulders, but you get the idea. So next time you and your significant other take a couple's trip to IKEA to look for rubber ice cube trays, boldly put your hands on your hips and proclaim to them that WINTER IS COMING.