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Egotastic FunTime Is Back!

Hey, gang. Long time no see. After being on break for a couple months, I'm back. And I'm excited to get this train back on the tracks so that we can all start having an Egotastic FunTime again!

I decided to take an extended break because the World Of YouTube was starting to break me down. Yes, that's right! I'm blaming YouTube on this one. I've been working for the last two years non stop to try and figure out how to carve out a place for myself in the Land Of YouTube. I bought all the equipment I need and a bunch of equipment I don't... I've was making multiple videos per week just like all the YouTube Gurus told me to. 

I've watched all the "How To Do YouTube" videos that a new youtuber could watch. I've employed all the various techniques they've taught me. Keywords, Schedules, Editing Styles, Social Media Support, Ads, Descriptions, Titles, EVERY DAMN THING they told me to do. None of it works. 

The reason it doesn't work is that IT'S 2017!!! The days of breaking into the YouTube game and starting a new career as a youtuber is over. It's too late. That time is gone. It's oversaturated. It's like trying to start up a Frozen Yogurt Shop right now. It's too late. All the markets that can support a Frozen Yogurt Shop have been filled. We don't need any more frozen yogurt. Thank you very much but please get the hell away from me with your fake ice cream. 

So, here I was trying to chase a YouTube dream just like the thousands of other idiots out there who also think they have some sort of talent that the world is going to fall in love with. 

So, I admit it. I was chasing the Purple YouTube Dragon and it broke my brain a little bit. Every week I'd try something new thinking that this was going to be the tactic that got my videos in front of the eyes of all the jabillions of people who watch YouTube every single day. But there's only one problem...nobody cares. Why should they care? There are more ways to be entertained in this day and age than any other point in human history.

And once Hollywood figured out that YouTube is a viable option to get their content seen by the masses. They took it over. Especially when it comes to Late Night comedy.

Don't believe me? Go check out your YouTube "recommended" list right now. It's gonna be filled with the likes of Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Kimmel and SNL sketches. The ability for regular people to start a successful YT channel is still possible. But they're gonna have to content with famous people to do it. Good luck with that.


So yeah, I'm saying YouTube sucks. But also, I kinda suck too. I was trying to create a show and become successful without properly paying my dues. I did put out some content that I'm really proud of (that nobody watched) but I also put out a bunch of crap (that nobody watched). 

I really wanted Egotastic FunTime to be something special that expressed all the weird crap that spins around in my head all day. And it was. It is. But I was spending a lot of time working on the show in a way that was actually a huge waste of time. I was too focused on the YouTube side of the show as opposed to the quality of content that the show is supposed to offer to my hunger to express myself.


After taking a break to rethink everything, I'm excited to come back! To not worry about the show becoming a "big hit". I want to create. I want to share with you guys. Let me entertain you by entertaining myself. 

So now, the show is coming back this week. But I'm taking my time with every episode to craft something that has been thought out and fussed over and taken care of. Not just for myself, but for you special few who seem to really enjoy what I create. Without you, I'd be nothing. I can't let myself ever forget that. 


It means that you need to go buy a hat and then hold the f&%k onto it, because EGOTASTIC FUNTIME is going to take off with a bang. 

All new episodes. All new sketches. All new catchy songs. All new Egotastic FunTimes!

How about you? What direction do you want the show to take? You can let me know by joining the conversation in the comments below.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and as always....

I hope all your times are Egotastic FunTimes...