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Call Of Duty: WWII Price Hack?

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Getting 20% off PS4 Preorders has never been so easy...

And depending on your subscriber status with Amazon Prime, you can get almost $12 off the full price of a $60 game. But how, JP? How do I accomplish this dastardly feat? Video Game prices are universally set. If it costs $60 bucks anywhere, it costs the same amount EVERYWHERE!?!

This sad truth has been the same for generations. You head over to the GAMESTOP in Manhattan to purchase the latest offering of Assassin's Creed for the usual price. Meanwhile, your good friend Terry in Santa Monica also buys the same game...for the same exact price. No deals to be found.

But there's finally a way to get a discount on new games as long as you know the trick...

For some reason, I have no idea why in the world they do this, but AMAZON.COM gives 20% off Playstation 4 games as long as:

  • The game is available for preorder
  • You are a member of Amazon Prime


But don't think you have to buy a Prime subscription to take advantage of this crazy ass Amazon gaming promotion. Just follow these steps to get Amazon Prime for FREE! --->

Here's everything you need to get started for FREE.

  • Sign Up for a 30-Day Free Trial For Amazon Prime Here

  • Students can sign up for a 6-Months Free Trial Here

  • Once signed up, Preorder Call Of Duty: WWII Here

You're done!

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