Beating Writer's Block With High Anus

Hey, gang! I'm so glad to be back with this brand spankin' new episode of Egotastic FunTime! As you already know, I thought it was time to take a break and rethink what I was doing with the show. And after much soul searching, alcohol and many slices of pizza... I've returned with a renewed vision for the show! There was a part of me that was begging me to give it up. To just chill out and play video games all day. While that kind of life sounded awesome, I already knew that making the show and expressing myself through it has always felt way more rewarding. So, I decided to come at the show from a different angle. To not try and spend 5 days a week making 5 episodes of EFT. But to spend 5 days a week making 1 episode of EFT. The above episode is the result. I'm way proud of the results. This episode is much closer to the the vision that I've always had for the show.

Go For A Walk Outside... Alternate Takes & Bloopers (Exclusive Content)

Also, as part of a continuing effort to make Egotastic FunTime a fun show on YouTube. I wanted to utilize the website to really become a companion to the show. Here you'll find new content each week. Exclusive videos and content only available here and every episode will have a companion blog to accompany it. FYI... YOU'RE LOOKING AT A COMPANION BLOG RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can even sign up here for the Egotastic FunTime Newsletter, you guys!

I hope you enjoy the new path that Egotastic FunTime is taking and that you visit this space each week to get more from every episode! I wouldn't dare try to do this without you guys coming along for the ride!

High Anus PSA

Hey, gang. Thank you so much for watching my stupid show. Your continued support means everything to me. If you want to dive deeper into the world of Egoastic FunTime, please consider becoming an Official Egopanion and support the show on Patreon.




I hope all your times are Egotastic FunTimes... LOVE YOU! BYE BYE!